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About Us

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Over the past fifty years we have experienced the gentle breeze of the revival of Islam all over the world. As the result of this we find that many individual and groups have involved themselves invarious method of inviting people towards Islam.

In South India, Tamilnadu, the village named Kayalpatnam, where Islam was seeded first by Thaabiyeen. It was inspired and accepted by the people of kayalpatnam. Hence they started to follow the Islamic rules & values as part of their life. Kayalpatnam became a role model for all the near by villages, for the unique Islamic standards . In Kayalpatnam, ancient mosque was there, which was built on Hijri 225.

“If a Muslim lives according to Islamic values in his words and deeds people would respect him and his words will have value.” In that same way, with so much of scarification, and spiritual ideas, a group of people had a thought of preaching the real values and truth of Islam (dawa`h) for non – Muslim and for the Muslims who are lagging in real Islamic values.

In spite of that they started a Dawa`h centre in Kayalpatnam. According to the Quran verses.

“Invite (Mankind, `O Mohamed ) to the way of your Lord (i.e. Islam) with wisdom (i.e. with the divine inspiration and the Quran) and fair preaching and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best has gone astray from his path and he is the best aware of those who are guided” (Al- Quran : 16.125)

The Muslims are only responsible to reveal the truth among the people. Dawa`h centre in kayalpatnam plays a vital role in dawa`h and social activities.


CESH (Centre for Social Harmony) was established in 1997 .The centre of social harmony as been registered and it is functioning under the control of “Golden Educational Trust”. The following are the names of members who paved way for CESH.

  1. Br.Sheik. Abdul Majeedh Mahlari
  2. Br.Sheik. Mujeebur Rahman Fasi
  3. Br.Sheik. Abdul Kader Manbayee
  4. Br.Sheik Sheik Ali Firdhousi
  5. Br.M.A.Buhari
  6. Br.M.A.Faiz
  7. Br.Mohammed Althaf
  8. Br.TV.Seyed Zakaria
  9. Br.Ismail
  10. Br.Rafeeq

In earlier stage (1997 – 2011)

  • The Dawa`h centre was operated in rented house. The basic Islamic Knowledge course for Reverted Muslim women was started.
  • In 1999, two years course was started and later on it was stopped due to financial constraints.
  • In 2000, Basic course for Muslim and Reverted brothers was started.
  • In 2010, Own building was constructed and above these course/programs are been conducted till to date.